Baseus iX Leather Wireless Charging Pad


Easily charge your phone without using a cable with the Baseus iX Leather Wireless Charging Pad. Ideal for your workspace or bedside table, this gadget wirelessly charges your device at the same speed as a cable charger. Using electromagnetic induction, the pad automatically and quickly charges your phone. In fact, it can charge your device in just 1.5 hours. Additionally, the built-in magnetic-separating discs effectively shield electromagnetic radiation, making it safe to use. The iX charging pad also doesn’t overheat, so you don’t have to worry about it hurting yourself or others. Safe and smart, the pad automatically turns off once your device reaches full charge. With a safe charging distance of 8mm, the pad even works with most phone cases. Thin and light, you can bring the iX charging pad anywhere.

Output: 5V/1A
Input: 5V/2A
Quality Certification: RoHS,CE,FCC,CCC
Colors: Black / White
Charger Cable: Micro USB Cable